Adult Fun

Adult Fun



A good game to round the night off with Adult Parties.

- 1 Blow up doll
- 1 Pouch
- 1 Stick/Jelly Willy or toffee willy
- 1 set of old clothes
- 1 Blindfold
- Namestickers

Ask a guest to blow up the doll at the start of the evening and give her a small gift as a thank you.

Remove the doll to another room and dress with the pouch into which you place the 'Willy' and a jumper and trousers to conceal a prize.

At the end of the evening tell the guests the purpose of the game is for them to place their name stickers where they think the 'treasure' is hidden whilst being blindfolded. Each person will be turned around 3 times and placed in front of the doll. The doll can either be laid on the floor or held out in front of you.

If on the floor the guests in turn will stand between the legs of the doll kneel down and stick their labels on the clothing of the doll.

If held in front of you the guest remains standing and uses her label in the same way.

You can change the doll's position from upright, to upside down or hold it sideways.

The person who has placed the sticker closest has to undress the doll with their teeth to find the treasure.


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