This game is played by tables or teams seated on the floor, with a master of ceremonies (MC) at the front.

The MC asks for an item, and each team must send only one person to the front with that item.

For example: the MC says he wants a man wearing a blue sweater. If a woman at your table is wearing one, put it on a man and run as fast as you can to the front. The first person to the front gets the most points. The MC also awards points for second, third and fourth persons. Then each table gets at least gets 1 point for having the item asked for.

Suggestions for different items are:

- a person with painted toenails,
- a man with shirt on backwards,
- a person with left shoe on right foot

and so on.

Keep a score and hand out prizes at the end.

This gets to be a lot of fun with people racing all around the room!!


Click this animated image!

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