Objective: A game where you try to bit the apple or donut without hands

Groups, Adults, Teens, Singles, Halloween

Game type:
Active. A lot of movement may be required.

6 or more players.

Needed: Apples Mop handle Ribbon

Rules: Tie curling ribbon to a small apple's stem and secure with a drop of hot glue. Tie the other end of the ribbon to an old mop handle. Get in the spirit -- and wrap the old handle up in orange and black gift wrap and matching ribbon. Hang a new apple for each player. The object is to see who can grab the apple with their teeth -- without hands! Don't let kids use masks here. If you want you can time each player to see how long it takes. Shortest time wins.

Variation: Sometimes the little ones have trouble with hard apples. Donuts work just as well -- just loop the ribbon through the hole and you're set.


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