Objective: Can you out bluff your friends by telling a true tale or a tall tale. You can choose!

Teens, Singles

Game type:
Passive. Little or no movement is required.

4 or more players

Needed: Hat. Coin.

Rules: Gather all players in a circle. Place a hat on the floor in the middle. Each player must come prepared with a story, either true or false. All the players tell theirs stories in turn. However, before the telling the story, the player puts a coin under the hat (all the rest of the players must not see in what way he/she puts it). Heads mean that the story is true, tails mean that the story is fabricated. As the tale-teller finishes his/her telling the story all the players express their opinion in turn: true or fabricated. After that the leader lifts the hat and all the players see - whether they were right or not. The guessers who are right get a point. The players who is mistaken looses a point. The tale-tellers take their turns around the circle. As every player has told the story, the players count the points. Whoever has the most points wins!


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