Objective: You have to guess who asked you out on a date and gave you a smooch. Whodunnit?

Teens, Singles

Game type:
Passive. Little or no movement is required.

8 or more players

Needed: Blindfolds (optional).

Rules: This game works best with a large group of 8 or more players who are made up of both boys and girls. Decide whether boys or girls go first. Usually you alternate boys and girls each round.

Place scraps of paper in a hat and mark several with X's. If you have 8 players (4 boys and 4 girls) you can mark two X's. If you have 10-12, mark three X's. More than 12 you can mark 4-5 X's. Any player who gets an X is a "dater". Let's say that the boys go first for this example. All the boys stand up in a line in front of the girls. The girls close their eyes and cannot peek. Blindfolds are better if you have a lot of them. Each dater then approaches a girl or their choice and disguises their voice and asks them out on a date. Then they give the girl a kiss.

The daters then quietly return to their place in the line. The host let's the girls open their eyes. The girls who were "asked out on a date" must stand and stand in front of the boy they think asked them out. They get 3 chances to guess correctly. This ends the round and you can play again, this time letting the girls be daters.


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