Objective: A game where you want to be the last person to not get tagged.

Outdoors, Kids, Teens, Tag

Game type:
Active. A lot of movement may be required.

6 or more players.

Needed: A tennis ball or other small ball A house over which you can throw a ball and run completely around with gates on both sides

Setup: The group can either choose one person to be the 'runner' with the runner on one side of the house and the rest of the group 'throwers' on the other, or the group can divide into even teams and put one group "the runners" on one side of the house and the 'throwers' on the other side. The throwers have the tennis ball.

Rules: The game starts when the throwers throw the ball over the house and yell "Annie-I-Over!". If the ball doesn't make it over the throwers yell "Pigtail!" and try again. Once the ball makes it over the house the runner(s) try to catch it before it hits the ground. If the runner(s) does not catch the ball, they must yell "Annie-I-Over!" and throw the ball back over the house. (It is a good trick to wait a few seconds before throwing the ball back to psych out the other team). If the runner(s) catches the ball, they proceed to quietly run around the house on either side and tag anyone by throwing the ball at them. If a player is tagged they also become a runner. The trick is that you never know if a runner will catch the ball or not or which way the runners will come once they catch the ball. Also, you never know which runner has the ball! After a person becomes a runner, he or she can then catch the ball and try to tag other players.


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