Objective: A game where you find the clues leading to the ambush site.

Outdoors, Teens

Game type:
Active. A lot of movement may be required.

6 or more players.

Needed: Enough scarves for all and items for clues

Rules: Split your group into two teams which we will call A and B. Group A leaves 5 to 10 minutes before group B and must leave clues behind (footprints, marks, arrows, codes, pieces of paper, etc.). They must then camouflage and set up an ambush for group B. Group B leaves and follows the footprints and clues left by group A and tries to discover the ambush site. During the ambush the groups face each other in mock combat and attempt to steal each other scarves from back pockets. The meeting of the two groups could also result in the yelling of "AMBUSH" and a race back to home base again.


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