Famous Names

Famous Names


This is a brilliant game although a bit complicated to explain.

Split the party into two teams. Depending on numbers in each team give each person three to five pieces of paper. Ask them to write on each piece of paper the name of somebody they will all know (eg a famous person or well known member of the family or a cartoon character). Ask them to keep it secret (one different name per piece of paper - so three to five names in total per person). Ask them to fold each piece of paper to hide the name and put them all in one hat.

There are then three rounds of the game.

In the first round each team nominates somebody to lead. Team one goes first but team two must listen. The leader of team one then has two minutes to pick a piece of paper from the hat and describe the person to their team without saying the person's name. As soon as team one guesses correctly, the leader picks another paper and continues until the two minutes is up. Don't put the correctly guessed pieces of paper back in the hat - these are kept apart as the total of correct guesses is the team's score.

Teams may not pass if a name cannot be guessed. They may not move on to another piece of paper. A piece of paper not guessed when time is called is put back in the hat

After two minutes team two leader does the same picking from the hat containing the remaining names that have not been guessed.

After two minutes it is team one's go again with a new leader.

Teams alternate until all names have been guessed. Add up the number of correct guesses for each team - this is the score for round one. Put all pieces of paper back into the one hat.

Round two is as before - but team two starts first. The difference is that each leader may only say one word to their team (and one word only) to describe the person on the piece of paper. If the team does not guess it the leader may not pick another piece of paper or say another word. The team must keep guessing until they get it right or time is up. At the end of two minutes change teams. As the teams change - change the leader.

Round three is as before but this time leaders may not say anything to descibe the person on the piece of paper - they must act the person. If all members of the team have been listening throughout then they will know by now the names of the people on the pieces of paper - so acting the person is not as hard as it seems. The secret is to listen throughout especially when it's not your team's turn.

Total the correct guesses for each team to get the winner. Then have a drink!


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