Body Search

Body Search


Have some small items (stickers, clothes pins, coins, big paper clips, etc.) ready to hand out before guests get to party.

When they arrive give each guest two or three of items (can have a few of the same items - just different colors) and a list of all items at the party. Each guest has to put items they were given somewhere on them. E.g. If given stickers and clothes pin, they can put stickers on bottom of shoe or inside of shirt sleeve or even stuck to skin, and put clothes pin under their hat, etc.

Then each guest tries to find all items on the list. This is done by checking out everyone else during the evening. When they spot an item they have to write down who has the item.

The only difficult thing is that guests can put the items anywhere they like, it doesn't have to be visible to anyone else (like in socks, under shirt). So however a guest finds out who has what items could be interesting. This game can be played over entire evening while everyone is playing other games.

The person that finds all items on the list first wins.


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