Around the World

Around the World


This is one of those "figure it out as you play" games. It can drive people mad.

Very simply, you go around everyone in the room saying the name of a city or country where you want to visit. So you might say Australia, and the next person Rome. Followed by Ohio.

Ultimately you just spell out "Around the World" with the first letter of the countries/cities being called out.
Keep going until everyone has figured it out. You can repeat going through the letters a many times as you like.

Here is what one person said in despair...

"We played a game today. We went Home then took the Express, then we started Right and went Left and then went Down, and sometimes we went Down Under, and once we went to Dallas and North Richland Hills and Louisiana. We were not allowed to go to Chicago or Japan. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW THIS GAME WORKS? It is driving me NUTS!"

Worth a try.


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