This can get very annoying. Start the game off with the following phrase "I went to the party and took a bottle of wine, but I didn't take a pink panther" or something as ridiculous. Play follows around the table to your left and each player must make a correct statement.

There are strict rules regarding what you can and can't "take to the party". Those who know, know. Those who don't, get very frustrated, until they guess the secret rule.

The secret rule is that you may only take to the party an item containing double letters, such as: - "A green hat" - "A daffodil" - "A mammoth" etc. The items you can't take obviously don't contain double letters. Those who get it wrong have a drink. Play continues until everyone has got it. A favourite!

Other rules you can use instead of the double letters are:

- Words starting with the initials of the player to the left, so if it's John Smith, you could take a "Jar of Sweets", or a "Jam Sandwich", everyone having a different and perplexing pair of letters they should use. (You could make this harder by choosing the player opposite, or three to the left.)

- Words preceded with an "Ummm" or throat clearing.

- Words said whilst the player is performing a specific action, such as a scratch of the back, or stroking of the chin. The lead player must define what this secret action is. Others who pick up on the theme must be discreet!

- Items which are actually visible in the room.


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