Broom Game

Broom Game


One person gets a broom and stands in the middle of the other guests and states

"Broom game, broom game, does anyone here know how to play the broom game"

He is secretly nominating one victim. He then starts pointing at guests to see who has worked it out. If you know who the victim is you leave the room. He points then points to the victim and the one who left comes back in a must guess.

One of our PartyAnimals posted:
"We played this game at a party and a few people figured out the secret but the rest of us never did. A really fun game but I want to know what the secret is so we can play it again with our other friends. Anyone know?"

Here's the answer. The key is that the first person who speaks after the question "does anyone know how to play the broom game" is the victim.


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