Great Gift Steal

Great Gift Steal


Tell everyone to bring a gift to the party. It can be as tacky or as trendy as they like (lots of fun when you set a price limit on it). Everyone puts their gift, wrapped, on a table. Write numbers on pieces of paper (from 1 to the number of people) and get everyone to draw a number. This is the order they go to select their gift.

Now the fun begins.

The person with number 1 selects their gift and opens it in front of the group. Person 2 goes to the table and has the choice of opening a gift, or if they like, they can steal the gift that Person 1 opened. If his gift is stolen, person 1 then opens another gift.

Person 3 can open a new gift, or steal any already opened gift (Person 1 or Person 2). Whoever has their gift stolen can open another gift.

This goes on until the person with the last number goes to the table. They can open the last gift on the table, or they can choose to steal any of the gifts that people have opened. If they steal a gift, the person who had the gift stolen opens and keeps the last gift on the table.

The lower your number means the more people who can steal from you. The higher your number the better.

Be ruthless, be harsh, and it's much more fun if you have the attitude that you'd steal a gift from your own grandmother!


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