Balloon Sit Pop and Cream

Balloon Sit Pop and Cream


This game is designed for kids and teens, but adults may play too if they choose. It's a different version of the classic balloon sitting relay.

The rules are simple: divide the group into two teams. When the signal is given, the first member of each team runs over to a balloon, and sits on it until it pops. Then they run back, and tag the next player to go. Whichever team pops their balloons (and has the last player run back and sit down first) wins the game.

The only difference is that each balloon is filled with shaving cream. Therefore, be prepared for a slippery mess.

This game is for the outdoors, and nice clothes should not be worn by the players: bathing suits work the best.

Make sure you have the camera ready to capture all the creamed bottoms and other hilarious moments that this game provides!


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