Drinking Peg

Drinking Peg


This is a drinking game.

Take a plastic clothes peg or bulldog clip (the lighter the better) and give it to the first "pegger". They have the job of secretly attaching the peg to an unsuspecting victim.

The pegger then takes a few steps away and starts counting down from 10 in a loud voice. All the other guests must join in counting down whilst checking their clothes and hair for the peg.

If the peg is found - try harder next time!! No helping other people - that hogs the fun.

If the count gets down to 0 and the peg is still attached to the victim, they must down a shooter or the rest of their drink. They then become the next pegger.

This works well the drunker you get, the quicker you forget who has the peg. The longer the time between peggings the better the game!


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