Digestive Poker

Digestive Poker


A great game for laughs, a bit disgusting.

Basically you need about 5 or more volunteers. Each volunteer is given a digestive biscuit. In the middle of the table you put a variety of horrid sauces and food (mustard, ketchup, mushy peas, tuna etc.) with some spoons.

Each player puts a spoon of the sauce in front of them on the biscuit. They then pass their biscuit round to the next player who puts a spoon of theirs on. The biscuits keep going round getting worse and worse.

Once the biscuits have gone right round the circle, it is time to eat. Everyone must guzzle their biscuit and leave no food on their face or in their mouth. The person who finishes their biscuit last must drop out of the circle.

This keeps going until you have a winner. They deserve a big prize!


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