Double Dressing

Double Dressing


This game is for 6 or more people.

Collect the following articles of clothing (a thrift store is a good place to get these items inexpensively) and ensure that the clothing items are large enough to fit any guest. Items include:

- men's pants
- bra
- panties or men's undershorts
- shirt
- work boots
- gloves
- hat or cap
- winter scarf

You will need two dice. Seat everyone in a circle. Place the clothing in a heap in the center of the circle. One person begins by throwing the dice. One throw, then the dice are passed to the next person and play continues around the circle.

When someone rolls a double they shout "Doubles" and begin to dress in the clothing from the center of the circle. The dice continue around the circle until another person rolls a double. They then shout "Doubles" and start dressing in the clothing (the person already dressing has to quickly undress and give the clothing to the person who got a double).

The roll of the dice continues until another rolls a double. This continues until someone is quick enough to completely dress in all the clothing.

This game is a huge success and can be extremely comical and competitive as people scramble to undress the previous "doubles" declarer and get dressed before someone else shouts "Doubles".

The game can be modified (clothing-wise) for teens and younger children.

Note: The items of clothing in the center of the circle. Do not replace clothing you or your guests are wearing, it is put on over the top of one's clothing.


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