Cotton Ball Transfer

Cotton Ball Transfer


This is such a funny game, everyone will be laughing and taunting in no time!
This is not a team game.

You need two pots or buckets, two chairs, a large ladle type serving spoon, a bag of cotton balls, a blind fold, and some way to time each person.

Set up the chairs at least 5 feet apart facing the same direction. Place a pot or bucket on each chair. In one pot, place all of the cotton balls. Take the first player and blindfold him/her and turn them around a few times and place them in front of the chair with the cotton balls. Place the large spoon in one of their hands and place the spoon on the edge of the pot or bucket with the cotton balls just to give them an idea where it is. Set the timer for the agreed upon specified more than 90 seconds depending on the ages of the participants.

Say "go" for them to begin scooping cotton balls into the spoon and place them into the empty pot/bucket on the other chair placed at least 5 feet away from the first chair.

At the end of each player's turn, count the cotton balls that actually made it INTO the opposite pot/bucket. Keep a tally on paper until all players have had a turn. The one to transfer the most cotton balls successfully is the winner.

It doesn't sound like much, but have you ever tried to scoop up anything blindfolded that you can't feel or see? It's a hoot to watch them gingerly carry the "cargo" from one pot to another and not know that there's nothing on the spoon!

We did this with a group of 12 year old boys at my son's party and they laughed at each other so hard and got so goofy with the game we had to set more ground rules such as, they had to stay behind a line drawn with tape and they weren't allowed to touch the player doing the game...they laughed so hard they couldn't talk at different times!


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