Bag Game

Bag Game


The bag game is pretty simple.

Each person puts a paper bag over their head, except for one person who is the caller and possibly the only one that knows what this game is about. The caller instructs everyone to remain quiet and the game will begin when everyone has bag over their head. No peeping from under bags! Then the caller instructs everyone to take something off they don't need.

Usually everyone is thinking clothing, and they take something off. First like a watch or shoe or sock. As people begin to take things off, the caller must call them out so all can hear. As the game continues clothes come off.

Eventually people will figure out what is meant by taking something you don't need off, which is, and has always been, the paper bag. As each person figures out the key to the game, they need to remain silent and enjoy watching everyone else take things off.

It's up to the caller to decide how far to allow the game to go. Whatever the result, a lot of fun is guaranteed!


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