Glamour Slumber Party

Glamour Slumber Party


Have a slumber party with the idea of dressing up like super models or just to be outrageous. Have the girls dress up with a boa, fun dresses, costume jewelry and add a few wigs for unique looks. Have a disposable cameras around so everyone can have a photo shoot.

Dependable on the age of the guests, this can be good for 10-12 years olds. You may or may not want to use real make-up, some parents might object. Get make-up with sparkle for fun.

Add a fun movie, a board game, or share stories about being a glamour gal.

After everyone gets dressed up, you could have fun giving them a bio. (write up some info - Name: Franchesca from Denmark, run way model) Then once everyone has a card they must act the part, and you the host can interview them. Ask questions about where they are from, what was there last job, etc... be creative have fun, laugh, and enjoy.


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