Gift Unwrap Game Take

Gift Unwrap Game Take


For Birthdays and Holidays

Number of players: about 10-30

Type: Can be a stunt, if the group is very large, or the entire party may play

Winner: The person who FINISHES unwrapping the present

How to play: A gift is placed in the center of the group. A basket
with dice is passed around. When a person rolls double sixes, they run up
to the gift, don the hat, scarf and gloves (goggles if you want too!) and
begin unwrapping as fast as they can. (The more items they need to put on the less they'll be able to unwrap) The dice continue to be passed and as
soon as someone else rolls double sixes, they take their turn at the present. Play continues until the present is completely unwrapped.
Items needed: Dice, Basket, Hat, Gloves, Scarf, one very well wrapped
present. It helps to have several layers of wrapping paper and even boxes within boxes to keep make the game more challenging.


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