Balloon Stuff Game

Balloon Stuff Game


Teams are made by dividing the party guests (more than two teams will
work fine). Each team is handed a few bags of balloons and a bag that
contains a large shirt and pair of pants.

Each team chooses a person in their group to put on the clothes, the
rest of the team will be blowing up the balloons. When the
"facilitator" says "GO !" each team begins to blow up the balloons and
the designated person/volunteer pulls on the large clothes. When the
person is "dressed", teammates begin to stuff the inflated balloons in
the shirt and pants as fast as they can. Some balloons will pop.
After a predetermined period of time has expired, everyone must stop
stuffing balloons in the shirt and pants.

The winning team is the one that has the most balloons stuffed into
their "volunteer's" clothing. No need to pull the balloons out from
underneath the simply use a long hat pin to pop each one
while everyone counts. When I have played this with adults, some
balloons in the shirts aren't popped until last. Your volunteer goes
from looking like the Michelin Man to a well developed Barbie doll.
(One warning, the volunteer should have clothing that covers most of
their skin because when the balloons are popped it can sting bare
skin.) I have played this game with 4th grade children, however, the
balloons were inflated for them and poured all over the floor.


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