Fruitbasket Turnover

Fruitbasket Turnover


Gather all the players into a circle and have one less chair available than the number of people. Everyone must call out and choose a fruit and remember this as their fruit name. Each person must have a different fruit name.

Get everyone sitting down except for one player who stands in the middle as caller. Their objective is to shout out the name of a fruit 3 times before that person can shout it once, in order to swap places from the middle.

So if Sue is the Grape, I could shout "Grape grape grape" as fast a possible. If Sue shouts grape once before I finish then I stay in the middle. If I succeed then sue becomes the new caller in the middle.

The best part of this game is the special shout "Fruitbasket Turnover". The caller can use this at any time if they get frustrated. When they call "Fruitbasket Turnover", everybody must leave their seats as quickly as possible, and find a new seat. The phrase can be used as often as you like.

Keep going until you are all exhausted!


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