Angels and Detectives

Angels and Detectives


This is a great game to play in a large group of people.

First select a narrator. The narrator asks all of the other players sit in a circle and close their eyes. She/he then taps three random people on the head:

- once for murderer,
- twice for angel, and
- three times for detective.

He then tells everyone to go to sleep, or shut their eyes.

The narrator now says "Murderer awaken." The murderer opens their eyes. "Who would you like to kill?". The murderer points to any person in the circle, and then closes his eyes.

Then the narrator says, "Angel, awaken - who would you like to save?" and the angel does the same thing, pointing to any person in the circle that he would like to save.

"Detective, awaken - who would you like to suspect?". Same thing again.

Then everyone opens their eyes. If the murderer killed a person, that person is now announced to be dead and is not part of the next round. However, if the angel saved the person who the murderer was trying to kill, they are saved and are not killed. When the detective suspects the correct murderer, he wins the game, but not if the murderer can kill him first.


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