Aunt Miriah Died

Aunt Miriah Died


In this game, participants sit next to each other.

The first person says, "Did you know Aunt Miriah died?"
The next persons answers, "No, How'd she die?"
The first person says something like "She died with one eye closed" and closes one eye.
The first person has to keep one eye closed for the remainder of the game.

The second person asks the third the same question and keeps her one eye closed, then the third, the fourth, each holding that one eye closed until they get back to the first one.

When the game gets back to the first one, she adds on another trait.

For instance,

"Did you know Aunt Miriah died?"
"No, how'd she die?"
"She died with one eye closed and her mouth twisted."

(or one finger sticking up, or one leg crossed, etc.)

The object of the game is to add another trait each time while continuing to hold the others. Anyone who breaks the chain is out. The last one to hold out wins.


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