There are many ways to play charades, an old favourite, and one that always works well once you get started.

Here's a simple version sent in by Leena.

Sit in a circle and whisper to the player on your left the name of a film, book, or song. The player must then step into the circle and mime it for everyone to guess. A few basic rules:

- To mime a syllable, tap a finger on your arm to show that you are miming the first syllable, two fingers for the second, etc.
- Touch your ear if you want to mime a "sounds like" - that means you mime a syllable that sounds likes the one they are trying to guess. For example miming a "cat" when they are trying to guess "bat"
- To indicate that you are miming the whole thing rather than a syllable, draw a circle in the air.

Another way to play charades is to split into 2 teams, and take it in turns to come up with a book, play, film or musical. Select one player from the other team, who you tell the name to, and they then have 2 minutes to mime it to their team. Award points for getting it right in 1 minute, 2 minutes and for best acting skills.


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