The instructor holds an open umbrella in his/her hands.
- Children, my umbrella longs to fly away. It longs to travel. Those, who are not afraid, follow me!

All the children stand under the instructor's umbrella. They are whirling to the music with the leader. Then it gets dark. (The instructor switches off the light.) Strange sounds are heard. (The instructor imitates animals' cries.)
- Where we are? It seems to me we are in jungles. Let's listen to the sounds. The trees want to tell us something. Can you hear? They propose us to play blind man's buff. But this game is not a usual one. (The children are given the masks of animals - bear, wolf, panther, monkey etc.)

- Who are you now? What tale have you remembered?
- "Jungle Book"!
- Right you are! Your leader is Mawgli, all of you - are his friends. Mawgli must remember the masks of the players. When he catches one of the players he must recognize the player by his/her mask. All the players may attract leader's attention by the sounds. But the players may only utter the sounds of the animals the masks of which they have. e.g. "the panther" may utter "mew", "r-r-r", "the snake" - "sh-sh-sh" etc.
You may make this game more difficult. All the children take different noise making and musical instruments: pipes, rattles, bells, mouth organs etc. The leader must recognize the players by the sounds of their instruments. The players exchange the instruments every round.


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