Dirty Diaper Game - Ice Breaker Game

Dirty Diaper Game - Ice Breaker Game


Every guest receives a Folded diaper upon their arrival to secure to their shirt with a safety pin. All diapers are empty or clean except for one "Dirty Diaper." The guest with the "Dirty Diaper" receives a prize.

Directions: Take a paper napkin and fold it into the shape of a diaper. Fold it in half once to form a rectangle. Place a small drop of mustard on one side of one of the diapers! Fold in half again so that it forms a square and so that the mustard is on the inside of the diaper. Fold down the top corners of the diaper and secure with tape or a small safety pin.

Give everyone a daiper once they come in and when everyone arrives or mostly everyone is there annouce it's time to find out who has the dirt y diaper. Before each person opens the diaper ask them to tell a little bit about who they are and how the know the mom to be.


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