Draw The Guest - Get to Know You Game

Draw The Guest - Get to Know You Game


Need name tags, paper, pens, pencils, etc...
First, be sure that all of your guests wear a name tag and write on a piece of paper (one per guest) their first name, fold the paper in half and put it in a paper sack. When all guests have arrived, give each guest paper (81/2x11) and pencil, then have each guest pick a name from the paper sack.

They cannot say who's name they have picked. Each guest has to draw that person's face, but remind them that they should not stare at the person they are drawing or they might give away who drew who! For example, if the person has short or long hair, or wearing glasses or may be wearing earrings, they must draw how they look or might be wearing too. Have different color crayons on hand too because they can color that person's hair, eyes, etc. Also, they must draw a baby's bonnet on the person's head. (For Baby Shower, but this could change based on the Holiday or event. Holiday Party - Santa hat, Halloween - witches hat, etc...)

There is no time limit. When they are done, collect each drawing and ask
that person who she drew and number that picture and write down that person's name (drawing of the person) next to that number on a sheet of paper. Do this until all guests have handed in their drawings. Next, string a ribbon somewhere across the room and hang each picture with a clothespin. Give all the guests who participated a sheet of paper and a pencil and have them write down starting with #1 who that person might be. Give a time limit on guessing. The person who has the most correct answers win a prize. You
won't believe how these pictures turn out. It's going to be really hilarious.
Thanks Trudy


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