Objective: Get into a group with the right number of people!

Adults, Ice Breakers

Game type:
Passive. Little or no movement is required.

6 or more players.

Needed: None

Rules: This game is best with a large number of people. Gather everyone into one big group. The leader calls out a number, usually between 2 and 15. The number should not be more than half the number of people in the group. When the number is yelled, everyone must gather into groups of that number. Have people say "Mingle Mingle" as they group. All members of a "sub group" must be touching or latched together in some visible way. If you don't make it into a group (you're a leftover) then you are out and the process begins again. The leader can slowly whittle the group down to 2 to 5 players and then begin again.

Start over variation: You can have the "leftovers" immediately join the game again and start over.

Category variation: You can have people group by category such as yelling "birth month" and then all the August's must group etc. Other categories are eye color, hair color, birth state etc. Think about eliminating all group's of one.


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