Objective: A group game of deduction. Figure out the pattern and don't be the last one!

Groups, Adults, Couples, Singles

Game type:
Passive. Little or no movement is required.

4 or more players

Needed: None

Rules: There is a party going on at Grandma's house. To attend the party, a person must bring a certain type of object. Whether or not this object is acceptable depends on a specific rule.

For each round of the game, one player gets to make up the rule for what objects are acceptable and unacceptable for admission to the party. This rule must remain constant throughout the round, but its effects may change depending on the situation. Here are some ideas for rules:

  1. Things which start with a certain letter of the alphabet such a the letter G (gold, groceries, garbage etc.)
  2. Things which end with a certain letter of the alphabet
  3. Words with two vowels or consonants together (wheel, pizza, book etc.)
  4. Words with a certain letter in the of the word such as the letter K (kangaroo, book, coke etc.)
  5. Items consisting of two words (hot dogs, baking dish, waffle iron etc.)
  6. Items of the same color
  7. Items with the same number of letters
  8. Items which begin with the last letter of the last item mentioned.

Once a player decides on a rule for the round, play begins. Players, in turn, say "I'm going to grandma's house, and I'm bringing a

Winning: When all players have figured out the rule, the game ends and someone else makes up a new rule for another round.


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