Objective: A game played in the dark where you can't move or talk or you're out!


Game type:
Passive. Little or no movement is required.

4 or more players

Needed: None

Rules: There must be at least four players though it's more fun with seven or more. It's best played at night with the lights off and a flashlight. One player is a tour guide and another is a tourist. The rest of the players are all statues. The tour guide and the tourist turn the lights off and leave the room. The tour guide then counts loudly and slowly to 20. While the tour guide is counting the statues get into the position that they want to be in. When the tour guide stops counting they stay very still.

The tour guide and the tourist then come back into the room. The tour guide brings the tourist around the room using the flashlight. If you are the tour guide or the tourist, the object of the game is to make the statues laugh or to catch them moving or making any noise. To do this the tour guide and the tourist may say anything they want about the statue, especially if they can make funny comments about their position. The tour guide can also give the statue a silly name or try to bother them with the flashlight. Another way to get a statue out is to make them talk. Once a statue is out, they become a tourist. The last statue remaining wins.

If you are a statue, the object of the game is not to be heard and to move without being caught. This is where playing at night with the lights turned off adds fun. You can completely change position while the tour guide has his/her back turned, but be careful not to make too much noise and watch out for a wary tour guide who might suddenly turn and shine the light in all directions to make sure they don't miss a single movement. A good idea is to move aroud the room, but don't bump into anything.


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