Objective: A rhythm game where you have to think fast and talk faster!

Groups, Adults

Game type:
Active. A lot of movement may be required.

6 or more players.

Needed: None

Rules: Have everyone sit in a circle. Determine which chair or seat is the "head chair". The person sitting here is "big booty". Each chair to the left of the head chair is numbered starting with 1 and going as high as there are people playing. The "big booty" person begins a 4/4 rhythm while gently slapping both hands on their knees. The rest of the group should then join in with the rhythm and hand/knee slapping. As you slap your knees the group says "Big booty Big booty Big booty Oh yeah ---- Big Booty Big Booty Big booty". You can modify this to match the rhythm of the group. Then the person in the big booty chair starts and says 'Big booty" followed quickly by any random number in the circle so for example they might say "big booty number 5". This should be said in the rhythm of the group. Then the person in the number 5 seat quickly calls out his own number followed by another random number from the circle so he/she might say "number 5 number 2". Then the person in the number 2 seats says "number 2 number 7" or whatever and the game goes on like this until someone messes up forgetting their number or talking out of the rhythm.

Players can also substitute "big booty" instead of a number so for example a game might go like this. "big booty number 1" "number 1 number 8" "number 8 number4" "number 4 number 8" "number 8 big booty" "big booty number 2" and so on and so forth. When a person messes up they must move to the end of the circle and thus become the highest number in the group. The objective is to move around the circle to the "big booty" chair and to not make mistakes which move you to the end of the circle. Each time a player messes up, the players to the left of that person shift seats and take on new numbers. One final note - the person who is "big booty" usually starts each new round and should only let a few seconds go by after a mess up before starting a new round. This gives the players very little time to figure out their new numbers and makes the game more challenging and fun.


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