Objective: Don't burst the balloon or else you might make a fool of yourself!

Adults, Couples

Game type:
Active. A lot of movement may be required.

2 or more players.

Needed: Balloons with crazy ideas

Rules: Set up several balloons with strips of paper inside which say to do silly things (sing "New York, New York, bark like a dog, do the Charleston etc.) Place all the players in a circle. Pass a balloon around the circle. Each player has to sit on the balloon with all their weight for 3 seconds. If someone breaks the balloon, they must do what it says on the message.

Here are some crazy ideas:

  1. Read from the phone book as a Shakespearean actor.
  2. Act out this scene - a cow being branded
  3. Do and sing the macarena
  4. Sing jailhouse rock as Elvis


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