Objective: A game where you try not to get too confused!

Adults, Ice Breakers

Game type:
Passive. Little or no movement is required.

2 or more players.

Needed: Two objects such as a knife and a spoon (but could be anything) or as many objects as people for the more complex variation

Rules: The leader of the game starts by passing the first object to the person on their right and saying, "This is a whit." The reply is, "A What?" The leader would then clarify, "A whit." This question sequence continues around the circle but the question "A what?" is passed all the way back to the beginning and back again. This game can be confused by adding an additional object called a Watt in the opposite direction.

Variation: In this version, you have a circle of however many people, and the same number of monosyllabic items (i.e. knife, spoon). Therefore if the circle has 10 people you need 10 items. One person, the leader, starts by choosing one object, let's say it is a spoon. He/she hands this object to the person on his right, and says: "This is a spoon." The person replies: "A What?" Leader: "A Spoon." Person: "Oh, A spoon!" The person then takes the spoon and hands it to the person on their right, now becoming the leader. At the same time, the original leader has picked up a new object, and has passed it on. The second person now must carry on two conversations at the same time, looking from one to the other. Here's an example:

Leader: This is a spoon.
Person #1: A What?
Leader: A Spoon
Person#1: A What?
Leader: A Spoon
Person #1: Oh! A Spoon
Leader: This is a knife
Person #1: This is a spoon
Person #1: A What?
Person #2: A What?
Leader: A knife!
Person #1: A Spoon
Person #1: A What?
Person #2: A What?
Leader: A Knife!
Person #1: A Spoon!
Person r#1: Oh, a knife!
Person #2: Oh, a spoon! etc. etc.

This game is really fun, and it tends to get louder and louder as the more people play the game. we did this with a group of about 35 once, and it is so much fun. It can be really frustrating to learn, but it really is a blast!


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