40Th Birthday Roast

40Th Birthday Roast


Before the party send out an email or letter to everyone who will attend and ask them to think of a story that relates to the birthday person. These stories should be humorous in nature and fun to listen to they can relate to a funny moment or tie into growing older.

You may want everyone to date the stories, just to remind the recipient of how old they are. So Keith would say way back in 1985 Joe and I made a trip to see Bon Jovi...

Once all your guests have sent in stories ideas, place all the ideas on pieces of paper and then take it to the restaurant.

Once all the quests have arrived and so order the food, present the idea of the roast. Depending on the number of stories, your roast could last past dinner. Have a paper bag or hat and have the birthday person pull out a story and who will tell. Then they share the event. Conitnue this process and have fun. Please warn guest if there will be children present, no bad langauge please.


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