Clue Treasure Hunt Game

Clue Treasure Hunt Game


Place a clue taped to a toy or candy in a pinata or announce that an envelope or package has been delivered and addressed to All. (Just find a way to introduce the first clue) When the clue falls out or is given to the guests the hunt begins and they will follow the clues to find a "treasure". The "treasure" is a goody bag for each guest. Remember, placing clues on the inside and outside of the party make it challenging. Also, include enough clues for each guest to have a chance to participate in the fun.

Clues suggestions:
Go to a place where you brush your teeth before bed at night! (The next clue would be hidden somewhere in your children's bathroom)
Go to a place where you sit and relax after your day at school. You will find the next clue in that area.

Add a twist - If they are a little older and competitive create teams, have a unique set of clues for each but have one prize.


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