This can be fun and interesting for young children while teach about the history of your family. This takes some time and energy, but can be very rewarding. Basically you are creating cards, so the kids can play the a Memory Game. The goal is to create cards of people in your family and give a brief synopsis of who they are, employment, and relationship in the family. If you have a computer you can scan in the pictures, resize them, add text and print out.

Here is a tip: Try and get 1 person from each family to create a group of cards, the paper may be different but then everyone can be involved.

Example: Get a photo of "Jim Smith" resize if needed try to get them all the same size. Under the photo place his name "Jim Smith" and the next few lines mention that here is an Engineer was born in 1971 to Mary and Albert Smith. You can print these cards out on your computer or go to a copy center and have them printed out on card stock. If the paper is thin tape to a piece of card stock, laminate for added protection. 2 cards per person

Once you have 10 or more people in your deck, you arange the cards face down. The kids take turns flip one card over at a time and then flipping another over that is identical to the first flipped card. If they match remove those two cards, and that player gets to go again. If they do not match the cards are turned face down and the next player goes. This continues until all the cards have been cleared from the game. Then the person with the most set wins that game.

This game is at it's best when their is adult supervision and you can take time to learn and share stories about the person on the card.

Adult can play too, and after each match share a fun story or knowledge able the person on the card. To learn more about geneology visit
Thanks - Sarah


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