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Common Sense Health Care 
for Dogs and Cats

The Happy Puppy includes a booklet on puppy care and training. It tells about shots and worms, fleas and ticks, arthritis and rattlesnakes.  We have a lot of information about barking problems and dental health.  If you don't already have a dog, please look at the part about puppy selection. Look over common sense training suggestions. Give your dog love, a reliable master, a sensible diet, and a little exercise. And call your Mother once in a while.

The Concerned Cat contains a kitten care booklet and information about where and where not to adopt a kitten. Because of cancer worries, veterinarians have different opinions about feline immunizations. You should at least be aware of the problem.

Nowadays, pet owners realize they ought to be taking care of their pet's teeth, but few have any  idea how to do that or a clear understanding of why they should. The Smiling Tooth will tell you .

For pet owners living in El Dorado County, there is a section on local problems and information about our hospital and staff.


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