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Category: Applications & Utilities

McAfee's Nuts & Bolts
Nuts & Bolts includes everything you need to clean, optimize, monitor and analyze your PC system and software. This valuable utility suite finds and repairs thousands of windows problems, repairs and recovers damaged files and hard drives, optimizes Windows Registry, and corrects font problems.

Internet Protection Suite A feature-packed suite of seven programs that will help you protect your valuable hardware and data. Tiny Personal Firewall--A powerful utility designed to protect home cable and DSL connections.

PC Optimizer Suite
Optimize your system and keep it running smoothly with this suite of products. Aladdin Expander--The only Windows expansion tool that opens both StuffIt?and Zip compressed files, the two most common files on the Web.

MP3 Mega Suite
A huge suite of products to record, play, and organize your MP3 files. Take a look at what you get.

Eudora 5.0
Email traffic is on the rise. Eudora is the best email program for people who get lots of email. If you're not one of those people today, you will be soon! So take control of your email before it takes control of you.

ecBuilder SOHO
ecBuilder is an easy to use and powerful Web site creation and management tool which enables small business users to create an e-commerce enabled Web site without requiring technical or design skills.

Active Office
SPC ActiveOffice?instantly transforms your Microsoft?Office documents into compelling communications, improving overall design and illustrating even the most complicated ideas, all with a few clicks of your mouse.

Conversa Web
Whether you're using your PC at home, the office, or school, Conversa Web makes Web surfing a breeze. Conversa Web is an easy-to-use, voice-enabled Web browser that lets you surf the Internet using your voice.

Crazy Talk
If you want an innovative new message format that is funny and creative, let your pictures speak for you, literally. Crazy Talk is the world's leading facial animation tool. With Crazy Talk, you can animate subjects in a picture to appear as if they're actually talking!

Maximizer is a leading contact management software application that assists professionals to manage business contacts and relationships, store and classify names and addresses of contacts, track contact histories, and facilitate on-line and off-line communication with contacts.

StarOffice is a powerful, cross-platform office productivity suite that delivers seamless access to applications and files. An easy way for companies to build services that offer real value to their employees, partners, and suppliers, it's changing the way people will buy, use, deploy, and develop personal productivity applications.

Complete Office Suite 4 in 1
This suite of full-version quality software has what you need to stay productive, organized, connected, and so much more! Complete Word Pro is a professional word processor with many features you'll expect to find only in more expensive word processing software.

Category: Religion & Special Interest

Bible's Greatest Stories: New Testament
Step back through the ages and learn about the life and times of Jesus in a powerful new way with this interactive storyteller and study tool.

Bible Greatest Stories: Old Testament
Now the magnificent legacy of the Old Testament can become a vivid part of your everyday life with this interactive storyteller and study tool on CD-ROM. Explore the Old Testament from Creation through the Prophets.

Cyber Tarot
Discover the secrets of your past, present, and future with this exciting new self-discovery tool by Douglas Rushkoff. The Tarot is the most popular system of divination in the western world. Now, Cyber Tarot brings that ancient art into the 21st century.

First Christmas, The
Bring the story of the birth of Christ to life for your whole family with this enchanting Nativity storybook and holiday activity center. The First Christmas will help you share the true meaning of Christmas and provide hours of family fun.

Love, Medicine & Miracles
Through lectures and workshops, Dr. Bernie Siegel has touched millions of people with his powerful message of self-healing.

Magic: An Insider's View
Acclaimed comic and magician Harry Anderson hosts this entertaining CD-ROM guide to the world's best magic tricks. Multimedia technology brings you closer than ever before to uncovering the secrets of magicians.

Category: Reference & History

Americans In Space
Rediscover America's space legacy with this complete historic tour. This multimedia program includes more than 500 narrated photos in vivid color, more than one hour of dramatic full-motion video, and detailed descriptions of every American manned space mission.

China: Home of the Dragon
Learn everything you wanted to know about China in this easy to use and informative program. You cruise through History, Geography, People and Languages, and Arts & Culture.

Complete Interactive World Factbook
Geography, history, maps, populations, anthems or just facts and figures--this disc has it all. Homework is a breeze with its wealth of dates, people and places.

Earthquakes -- Be Prepared
See how earthquakes strike suddenly, causing death, injuries, and destruction. Learn how to prepare in advance and survive the next major earthquake. Protect yourself, your family and property with the life-saving tips provided in this informative program.

Encyclopdia Britannica (2 CD Set)
Discover the world's most authoritative and comprehensive source for knowledge. Gain access to a wealth of information by using the sophisticated user interface that has been redesigned to assure you an easier and more productive research experience.

New World Millennium Encyclopedia
The New World Millennium Encyclopedia is the ultimate reference tool, filled with valuable information about the world around us. No matter what facts and knowledge you're searching for--whether it's history, science, geography, the arts, or countless other subjects--this encyclopedia has what you need, with compelling, up-to-date information.

Normandy: The Great Crusade
Capture the greatest military invasion in history with this compelling interactive documentary on CD-ROM. From television's Discovery Channel, you'll explore the sights, the sounds, and the sentiments of this tumultuous time.

One Tribe: An Interactive Encyclopedia of People and Cultures
Welcome to One Tribe. From the program's living room interface, International MTV star Pip Dann takes you on an informational, entertaining trek across the globe.

One World Atlas: Your Comprehensive Guide to the Planet
One World Atlas takes you on a stunningly real journey around the planet, from Akron, Ohio to Antananariuo, Madagascar and beyond. Just by choosing destinations, you'll embark on a picturesque, factual and musical tour where you'll explore the mysteries of our world.

U.S. Spaceflight: Project Apollo #1
This historical video review is one of six CD-ROM's chronicling the history of America's manned spaceflight program. In May of 1961, President John F. Kennedy challenged America to land on the moon and return safely by the end of 1969.

U.S. Spaceflight: Project Apollo #2
This historical video review is one of six CD-ROM's chronicling the history of America's manned spaceflight program. This disc contains the remaining Apollo missions, which occurred from 1969 to 1972.

U.S. Spaceflight: Project Gemini
This historical video review is one of six CD-ROM's chronicling the history of America's manned spaceflight program. The Gemini Program flew from 1964-1966. There were ten manned missions.

U.S. Spaceflight: Project Mercury
This historical video review is one of six CD-ROM's chronicling the history of America's manned spaceflight program. The Mercury Program marked America's first manned exploration of space. There were nine missions, six of which were piloted.

U.S. Spaceflight: Project Skylab
This historical video review is one of six CD-ROM's chronicling the history of America's manned spaceflight program. Assembled from Apollo Saturn rocket parts, Skylab was launched on May 14, 1973.

U.S. Spaceflight: Project Space Shuttle & ISS
This historical video review is one of six CD-ROM's chronicling the history of America's manned spaceflight program. Space Shuttle: The Space Shuttle is the world's first reusable spacecraft. The first shuttle was launched on April 12, 1981.

Category: Nature & Recreation

Exploring America’s National Parks
Plan your vacation or just take in the splendor of America's most treasured national parks as photographed by David Muench, one of the top ten living photographers in the world.

Journey to the Planets
Prepare yourself for a multimedia experience that's out of this world! This spectacular exploration of the wonders of our solar system features thrilling 3-D animated fly-throughs of planets and moons, more than 800 breathtaking images and 3-D illustrations, and an authoritative guide so you can travel even further than the astronauts have gone!

Sharks-Discovery Channel
In the Discovery Channel's Sharks!, you'll experience nature's most dangerous and misunderstood predator close-up and personal. Through videos and more than 200 compelling photos, you'll actually witness sharks in their environment, including sharks on the attack and the infamous feeding frenzies.

Ski World ?7, Warren Miller's
Ski World '97 is ultimate skiing and snowboarding guide from famed skiing filmmaker and enthusiast Warren Miller. "The complete guide for every skier. Miller gives you expert advice on resorts, mountain terrain, equipment, techniques, safety and snow conditions, with incredible footage on the slope." -- Self Magazine.

White Water Rafting
Whether you're a novice or an expert, this disc will help you plan your white water adventure no matter how extreme or gentle a trip you're trying to find. Includes everything from family outings to rugged rides down the rapids.

Category: Games

American Civil War
This is your chance to rewrite American history. It's 1861 and the nation is divided against itself. Brother against brother, father against son. You stand at the brink of one of the greatest conflicts, the American Civil War.

Capitalism Plus
The ultimate strategy game of money, power, and wealth just got better! The original Capitalism cornered the market on fun and realism in business simulation games. Now, Capitalism Plus returns with the same award-winning gameplay, plus new graphics, new scenarios, new industries, and new real-world markets.

Command Post 6
This awesome CD-ROM contains 7 great strategy games and puzzles: Arcy 2: An addictive game of logic, strategy, and skill. Can you help Arcy escape?

Concorde SST
Concorde SST: the fastest civil aircraft in aviation history. And now, it's your turn to blaze across the sky at bullet-speed. This exciting program lets you savor this ultimate flight experience through brilliant profiles of the Concorde's gleaming white exteriors and full exploration of its intricate instrument panel.

Dawn of Aces
He who conquers his fear of death will be master of the air. Soar through the air high over enemy lines in an authentic WWI plane as you battle with enemy aircraft in this incredible game.

Fallen Haven
The planet Nu Haven supposed to be a paradise, an idyllic, peaceful new home for colonists from Old Earth. But that was before the wars broke out, before the provinces turned on one another, and before the aliens arrived....

Great Battles of Alexander, The
You are Alexander! Take command of the legendary armies of Macedon. Conquer the rebellious Greeks. Crush the defiant Persians. Capture the crowns of kings and pharaohs to earn the most exalted title of all: Alexander the Great.

Great Battles of Caesar, The
Veni, Vidi, Vici! Control of Rome and its hard-won provinces balances on the point of a sword. As Julius Caesar, you can cross the Rubicon and lead your troops to Rome and the supreme power.

Great Battles of Hannibal, The
Now is the time to strike! Rome's numerous alliances are wearing thin, her allies are growing impatient with every new defeat. As the fearless, ruthless Hannibal of Carthage, you are the commander of 25,000 troops who have sworn their allegiance to you in blood.

Hardwood Solitaire v7 Volume 1
Klondike solitaire at it’s best! This disc includes both the Win31.x and an award winning Windows 95 version of the first High color and True color renditions of this ever popular game.

How To Play Craps
Learn to play the games of Craps and have fun doing it! Our new and exciting CD-ROM interactively instructs you how to play this universal game. It will give you and your friends many hours of fun and entertainment.

iF-22 Persian Gulf
Fight to maintain air superiority over incredibly lifelike, photo-realistic terrain generated from satellite imagery and real-world elevation data. Battle alongside other allied aircraft in exciting air and ground wars.

iF/A-18E Carrier Strike Fighter
Launch from a supercarrier and battle enemy aircraft from the Persian Gulf to the Aegean Sea in your F-18 Super Hornet. Intuitive point-and-click controls put power at your fingertips, while Virtual Cockpit and Padlock views keep your eyes on the enemy.

iM1A2 Abrams
Imagine 70 tons of steel and raw firepower thundering across the landscape at 40 mph--with you in command! This simulation of America's main battle tank has it all--the power, weaponry, and ammo of the real Abrams, plus state-of-the-art graphics, multiple difficulty levels, and multiplayer support.

iPanzer '44
Fight the great battles of 1944 as you command American, Russian, or German tanks, battling enemy forces for the freedom--or conquest--of Europe. iPanzer '44, from the award-winning team that brought you the iM1A2 Abrams tank game, is designed for novice and experienced players alike.

Jonny Quest: Cover-up at Roswell
An alien craft. Strange alien objects. A dangerous Quest. Something has crash landed on Earth - a satellite, according to the government But the Quest Team knows better...

Knights and Merchants
Europe has been ravaged by war. Countless battles have divided the countryside, uprooted its people, and left your once proud kingdom utterly "shattered"--and still the battles continue. But there is hope.

Liberation Day
On August 12, 2312, contact was lost with the planet of Nu Haven. The colony has fallen into enemy hands, and when the survivors began to arrive back on Earth, no one believed the horrors they described. Now, we're sending you in--just in case we're next...

Mad About Puzzles (Puzzle Mania)
Let's see a newspaper do this! Here are some of the most phenomenal puzzle games in existence. Days and weeks of enjoyment for the true puzzle-crazed brains of the world! Includes: Crossword Creator, Cryptos, Kriss Kross, Quote Falls & Word Search Creator.

The Malkari system contained thriving planets and advanced civilization--but that was before a rogue star destroyed their worlds, wiping out all traces of life. Well almost!

Monster Arcade Pack
From action-packed war games and competitive sports games to stimulating brain-teasers and educational kids games, you and your family will have hours of fun playing these 37 arcades-style games.

Mysterious Island
Embark on an incredible journey! Take the balloon ride of a lifetime to an uncharted island filled with hungry creatures, mind-bending puzzles, and hidden dangers. On Mysterious Island, lead Will, Lily, and Tomas in a search for awesome treasure.

North vs. South
Now you can relive crucial moments of the “War Between the States?as you take command of either Lee's Southern army or General McClellan's Yankee Army.

Operation Just Because
In the true spirit of ship to ship battles, and consistent with the famous board game, you get Operation Just Because - the computerized game of battling ships. High level strategy and a little luck are winning ingredients. Yet, this game is so easy a preschooler can master it in minutes.

Peace Keeper Series -- Operation: Cloudy Skies
Your mission is to defend the world from battalions of enemy fighters, helicopters, tanks, missiles, and other enemy weapons. You are part of an elite multinational force known as the Peace Keepers.

RAF Collection
The mighty engines sputter and spark--and British aviation history comes roaring to life! Here they are--over 30 of Britain's top military planes (and variations)--flown into glory by the Royal Air Force and now brought together for RAF Collection.

Robo Rumble
Wanted: 21st century robot builders! Take sides as one of two robotic contractors summoned to Mars for a futuristic battle royale. Invest in new technology, equip your robot and put it through its paces. Build and blow up over 120 different types of robots with components provided by your contractor.

Semper Fi
In Semper Fi, you are a marine battalion commander leading an elite fighting force locating, closing with, and destroying the enemy. To aid you in your task, you'll have command of a vast array of infantry and armored vehicles, with forces ranging in size from a single company to a full battalion.

Re-equipped and reactivated for a new threat in the sun-drenched deserts of Tunisia, the 3rd Armored Division is on the move again--and you're the new platoon leader. As part of Operation Removal, you'll spearhead the U.S. response to the recent Libyan invasion.

Now, you can hatch and raise the original Tamagotchi right on your computer. You can watch this cute virtual reality pet grow right before your eyes -- but, you have to take special care of it. This computer version of the popular toy includes voices and sound effects.

Thunder Brigade
Fast, fiery thrills await you in Thunder Brigade. You pilot a futuristic flying tank that skims across a dozen wild-looking planets. Your mighty craft is massively armed, because the universe is up for grabs.

Beyond reality as we know it, worlds of danger and mystery await. There, all roads lead to adventure, and whoever rules the roads decides the future. Join the Vangers, Masters of the Road, and embark on an action-packed adventure like nothing you 've ever known.

In the 21st century, private security forces have evolved into powerful armies under corporate control. Take command of your own corporation and its armies and assume control of research and development, production, and strategic and tactical

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