UFO Links

THE BLACK VAULT-this site contains documents obtained from various United States Government Agencies through the FOIA. The site is maintained by a 16 year old boy who has done much work to obtain the data. A true researcher.

DREAMSCAPES-The Earth's most awesome UFO and mysteries megasite.

*U* UFO DATABASE - a serious 18 year effort to catalog, map, and perform statistical functions on a filtered set of UFO sightings throughout history.


PHOENIX LIGHTS-Read the article written by CNN discussing this phenomenon that has been occuring in Phoenix, AZ.

UFOS/ALIENS-site from the Mining Co.-hosted by Loy Lawhon.

BREAKING UFO NEWS - Current UFO News & Sightings From Around The Globe, updated frequently. You can sign up for e-mail notification! ROSWELL UFO CRASH - Challenging new view by a Roswell resident and researcher. Offers a credible, alternate (non ET) view of the crash, bodies and cover-up of 1947.

USA Today On UFO's in Arizona- Something happened in-the skies over Arizona the night of March 13.

BREAKING THE SILENCE ON UFOS - dedicated to providing media contacts for persons wishing
to contact journalists and request coverage of
the secrecy surrounding UFOs. News articles and much more are provided.

DISINFORMATION TO DISCLOSURE - an exclusive interview "Surfing The Apocalypse" conducted with Disclosure Project witness John Maynard, U.S. Army Retired - Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

STARGATE-THE REAL ONE-Ancient Mysteries ~ including the riddle of the Ancient Astronauts; Archaeological mysteries from the dawn of humankind ; ancient studies that directly link to the present & future and Mysteries of history that link directly to understanding matters of the spirit.

SETI-SEARCHING FOR LIFE - the only comparative description on the web of all SETI projects worldwide currently under way. Frequently updated. From Sky & Telescope Magazine.

THE WHY FILES - new site from the UK that presents a comprehensive overview of UFOlogy and associated subjects in a concise, accurate and factual manner.

ORION TECHNOLOGY And Other Secret Projects-a collection of Material from the book "Matrix III" by Valdamar Valerian.

ALEENA'S CORNER-UFO and UFO related information.

UFO'S & ET'S-a large, well done site from Australia.

UFO ONLINE-loaded with pictures, documents, artworks,and databases of UFO cases.

VGL HOMEPAGE-This site is dedicated to the examination of strange features on the surface of the Moon.

ABOVE BLACK - the book by Dan Sherman - Featured on the Art Bell Radio show "Coast to Coast".

UFO TIMELINE-Covering 1922 to 1959

UFO RELATED SITES- another large list of WWW sites pertaining to UFO's.

PLANETARY DEFENCE:Catastrophic Health Insurance for Planet Earth, report from a USAF study group.

DREAMLAND FX-site by Steve Neill-Steve is an experiencer of lifelong contact with "the beings," as he prefers to call them. He has illustrated his experiences.

PLANETARY ACTIVATION ORGANIZATION - Sheldan Nidle's web site - preparing the world for first contact.

TONY TOPPING'S ETI PAGE- discusses his first contact, the Toltec Tradition, the Seventh Sence of Man, the human energy body, and much, much more.

BURORA-The homepage of the British UFO Research Association, the largest UFO research organisation in the UK.

UFOMIND-The brain applied with discipline
to impossible tasks. Area 51/Groom Lake, UFO's and more.

SEARCH FOR PLANET X - chronicles the modern astronomers' search for the tenth planet as compared to that of the Sumerians.

WILBERT SMITH - Canada's UFO Pioneer - Director of Project Magnet, the Canadian Government UFO Study (1950-1954)

THE ART OF CROP CIRCLES-"The [crop] circles have become signs and portents of our time, fueling Millennial fever...."

CROP CIRCLE QUEST- "Crop formations in western Canada that I have personally visited," this is a fine investigation by Judy Arndt.

CROP CIRCLE RESEARCH-Serious research on crop circles and nothing but crop circles. Extensive material and photos. Covering 1972 thru 1998. Excellent site.

CROP CIRCLES HOME PAGE-learn about the creation of Crop Formations and theories about what creates them.

CROP CIRCLE INTELLIGENCE - What is the meaning of the crop circle phenomenon? Features Suzanne Taylor's crop circles diary.

CROP CIRCLE RESEARCH - from The Independent Research Centre for Unexplained Phenomena - latest news, articles, and research.

CROP CIRCLES--ARE THEY REAL?-An interview with Dr. Collette Dowell, published in New Frontier Magazine.

CROP CIRCLE CONNECTOR-This web site is literally the largest crop circle site on the internet.

GERMAN ASSOC. FOR CROP CIRCLE RESEARCH-site has both an English and German version.

CROP CIRCLE ARTICLES-The form and function of the crop circles are examined through field surveys, geometrical analysis and aerial photography.

FROM CROP CIRCLES TO ARIGLYPHS - Natural history of crop circles - features organized listings of theories, history,and explanations.

THE CROP CIRCULAR - Serious research on crop circles and nothing but crop circles. The web site of author/researcher/lecturer Freddy Silva.
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DEB'S HOMEPAGE-the woman who was the subject of Budd Hopkins book/film "Intruders"

VARGINHA-THE WHOLE STORY-UFO crash in Brazil, aliens captured by the military, and more.

ZETA TALK-vast amount of information being relayed by the Zetas in answer to questions posed to their emissary.

ARE WE ALONE?-to get a feel of the main stream media's views, visit this site from CNN.
NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER-Dedicated to the Collection and Dissemination of Objective UFO Information.

BUDD HOPKINS' ONLINE- This website was created by John Velez, for Budd Hopkins, the abduction experiencers, researchers, and the public at large.

GLI UFO LINKS- a mega link page from Italy. You can spend hours working off of this site.

THE COMMUNION HOMEPAGE-the Whitney Strieber site.

UFO PHENOMENA IN THE NWT-find out what's been going on in the Great White North.

ART BELL-Homepage of the renowned host of the Dreamland radio talk show.

UFO's and ALIENS-Australian site with informative links and articles.

UFO SIGHTINGS-great site from www.spiritweb-a more spiritual oriented approach to perceive the phenomena.

UFO FOLKLORE-the Greatest Folklore of the Century-UFO's-There is some amazing material available for those who want to know. Is it true?

SATELLITE TRACKING-from NASA, go to this site , pick your favorite satellite and track it. Site requires a JAVA equipped browser.

CHUPACABRA-A myth? A legend? Find out more about Puerto Rico's version of the Yeti, the infamous Chupacabra.

KESARA: Illustrations Based on Real Alien Contact Cases.

SAUCER SMEAR-"a profound `window' opening up onto the sociology of ufology." An online monthly zine-very well done.

THE SKYGAZE PROJECT-to compile documented accounts of incidents (current and past) pertaining to unidentified aerial anomolies.

REPTOIDS.COM-site dedicated to studying the reptilian image within the UFO phenomena.

THE ALIEN JIGSAW-website by the book's author-Katharina Wilson. Choice of English or German. Four new sections have been recently added to the site.

SCOT UFO - Your guide to the Scottish UFO scene. Latest UFO news from the country that is becoming a UFO hotspot.

B.U.F.O.D - Space Above and Beyond-another relatively new UFO site.

NEBULA-UFO section of ParaScope magazine.

A REAL SIGHTING-from September 25, 1995, check it out and judge for yourself.

ALIEN ASTRONOMER-Exploring the exciting and mysterious worlds of ufology, astronomy and secret societies.

UFO ANOMALIES ZONE-Is the Government telling the truth about its involvement in the Kecksburg, PA UFO crash?

UFO MAGAZINE-Here you will find access to a wide range of UFO-related information that has until now, only been available to readers of this UK UFO Magazine.

UC BERKLEY Search For Extraterrestrial Civilizations- an ongoing scientific research effort aimed at detecting radio signals from extraterrestrial civilizations.

THE ROSWELL DECLARATION-Detailed information on Roswell.

UFO SEEK-one of the largest collections of UFO related websites on the net. Site uses Java.

VICTORIAN UFORS-the Victorian U.F.O. Research Society (VUFORS) home page.
GYROSCOPIC INERTIAL THRUSTER-This website is a detailed description of a tested and proven "reactionless" inertial propulsion device.

OVNI- a new UFO Related site.

HALL OF UFO MYSTERIES- a summary of UFO history.

COME SAIL AWAY : UFO Phenomenon & The Bible -a 137-page book, which may be read in it's entirety online.

Intelligent ALIEN LIFE - an essay on what role intelligent extraterrestrial life will play in our future.


BOBLAZAR.COM-this site was 5 years in the making and discusses Bob Lazar, Gravity Waves and Aliens.

HARD EVIDENCE-The Bob White Experience - on a lonely Colorado highway, Bob White's life changed forever. This site focuses on his struggle for the truth.

OSETI Observatory -contains extensive documentation on the Optical Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

SETI Australia -concerned with research, education and public outreach connected with SETI.

SHOULD THE USAF REOPEN PROJECT BLUE BOOK? - research study submitted to the faculty of Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base.

ERICH VON DANIKEN - has pursued the theory which postulates that Earth might have been visited by extraterrestrials in the remote past and has written 26 books on the topic.

PROJECT HESSDALEN - related to a luminous phenomenon that was occurring with strong recurrence in the area of Hessdalen in Norway.

EBE ONLINE - 185 newspaper and magazine articles, essays, press releases and various other documents all about extraterrestrials.

THE KRONE CHRONICLES- Like to know how a flying saucer works?

TOTAL UFO-UFO information, UFO pictures, ancient aliens, latest news and more.

AREA 51 RESEARCH CENTER- located in between the Nellis Air Force Bombing and Gunnery Range, in Rachel, Nevada, is home to Groom Lake.

US UFO SIGHTINGS DATA BASE- The Miningco.com's UFO site has put up an extensive sightings data base listed by state. If you are researching sightings, this is a good place to begin.

RUSSIAN UFO PAGE-Russian site- with details of UFO sightings in Russia.

UFO CITY- To provide access to as much quality information as possible and provide a forum for the serious discussion of UFOs and related paranormal research without fear or ridicule or scorn.

BLACKCOAT'S DOMAIN-dedictated to finding and releasing information on UFO's and Government conspiracies.

UFOcity.com-has all the latest news, plus columns by Robbins, Nick Pope, and Filers Files.

BERMUDA TRIANGLE-A fun read, if you're at all interested in the strange disappearences in the South Atlantic waters.

EARTHFILES- website by Linda Moulton Howe-be sure to checkout the "Headline News" section. This is definitely a bookmark site.

BEYOND THE DRAKE EQUATION-Drake proposed a method of estimating the number of civilizations in our Galaxy that could be detectable from Earth.

LUNAR ANOMALIES- to obtain supporting evidence that will either confirm or refute the claims with regard to the apparent presence of ancient and presumably extraterrestrial artifacts on the Moon.

ARE "THEIR" ALIENS AMOUNG US?-From The SPECTRUM newspaper's Front Page story-An Interview With David Icke 7/30/99

AAS-RA-Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association. Newsflashes about scientific and research discoveries.

PLEIADIANS BOOK- a collection of channeled material byBarbara Marciniak.

UFOCITY-a forum for the serious discussion of UFOs and related paranormal research. Breaking News updated daily.

UFO MIND-bills itself as "World's Largest and Best Organized Paranormal Website".

UFO SEEK-new seach engine-give it a try you'll find some interesting links.

THE PERFORMANCE-by Bruce Cornet, Ph.D., a very lengthy report of a sighting in 1993 by a TV camera crew.

PLANETARY ALIGNMENTS IN 2000 - John Mosley-Griffith Observatory - A lot of people want to know what is going on, so the Griffith Observatory has established this page with all the details and links.

JAMES EASTON'S UFO Page-updated regularly, home of the Voyager Newsletter

INEXPLICATA-Journal of Hispanic Ufology-twice-yearly publication in which you can share the mystery!

SECRETS OF THE HIDDEN UNIVERSE-a site dedicated to introducing the topic of UFO's and alien contact to those new to the subject.

TEMPORAL DOORWAY- The Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects - The UFO phenomena can be studied

KKSAMURI'S DOMAIN-for those with an interest in viewing strange planetary structures, faces, and moving objects.

ALIENWAR.COM-"Here you will find suppressed, previously classified, Top-Secret information on UFO'S & Aliens."

THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT: "What They Didn't Want You To Know" by Joe Turner.

NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER-Dedicated to the Collection and Dissemination of Objective UFO Data.
In continuous operation since 1974.

UFO CHRONICLES- MJ12 The secret alien agenda, MOONGATE-Is there a Moon Conspiracy, North Bay UFO Sightings & NASA and much more.

STARDRIVE.ORG - dedicated to fostering increased public awareness and education in the theoretical and technological aspects of interstellar travel.

DR. RICHARD BOYLAN, Phd.-Web Site for Public Presentation of Factual Information on UFOs and Extraterrestrial Contact.

ALIEN IDENTITIES-examines evidence found in the records of an ancient civilization with thousands of years of extraterrestrial contact.

NATIONAL INSTITUTE For Discovery Science - Privately funded science institute engaged in research of anomalous phenomena, focusing on UFOs and life after death.
NSA UFO DOCUMENTS-The documents listed on this page were located in response to the numerous requests received by NSA on the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects. Note:All documents are in PDF Format.

THE RAELIAN REVOLUTION- "The world's largest UFO related, non-profit organization with over 55,000 members in 84 countries."

BIBLE UFO CONNECTION-a collection of the hundreds of references in the Bible to flying vehicles, close encounters,futuristic weaponry, and advanced technological character of the race of supreme beings known as the Elohiym.


UFO'S AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS - huge site-lots of the latest updated information.

BECKONING CONTACT- James Gilliland/Mt. Adams Investigation - Hidden in the Pacific Northwest may lie the key to one of the most intriguing mysteries of our time.

ANALYSIS OF MEXICO CITY UFO VIDEO- by Bruce Maccabee - Title says it all..

THE ORION ZONE - some startling conclusions about the Four Corners region of the United States-an intuitively provocative yet rigorously researched treatise.

ONLY WAY TO THE STARS- An on-line book about the limitations of human inter-stellar space travel. A solution is proposed.

THE SIGNAL AND THE MESSAGE-site is committed to contacting Extra Terrestrials presently monitoring this planet.

UFO'S AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS - huge site-lots of the latest updated information.

"ABOVE BLACK" by Dan Sherman-This book is now available online as an e-book and it is FREE to download. You can read the first three chapters on the web site, then decide if you want to download the entire book.

BIGFOOT Field Researchers Organization-Does this mysterious creature really exist? A wealth of information about the legend of Bigfoot, recent sightings and current research projects.

THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT-a nonprofit research project, headed by Dr. Steven Greer, working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems.

FILER'S FILES- an archive of the weekly compilation of UFO related events and stories from George Filer, MUFON Eastern Director.

BERMUDA TRIANGLE - the only web site to bring you up-to-date, in-depth research on the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle; for those who are interested in a serious look at the phenomenon.

DREAMAN UFO - "The United States UFO Information and Research Center"-a privately funded foundation geared toward the research and investigation into both the fields of Ufology and Parapsychology.

WARP DRIVE - WHEN? - Have you ever wondered when we will be able to travel to distant stars as easily as in science fiction stories?

PLANET-X - detailed description of the search for the 12th planet. Excellent graphics. Worth a visit.

ALLEGORY OF THE ALIEN - details about alien intervention on Earth, principles of alien teleportation, how and why alien clones are used, and more.

WHAT'S NEW ON MARS-a constantly updated site by the Federation of American Scientists. If you are interested in Mars this is a must visit.

THE PARADIGN CLOCK - to support, enhance and acknowledge the effort on the part of thousands of men and women to expand understanding of phenomena associated with the presence of extraterrestrial life forms in our world.

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CHEMTRAIL RESEARCH REPORT- the result of research into the science of contrail formation and an analysis by observation and measurement of contrail persistence.

CONTRAILS AND SPRAYING - much evidence and many links for both sides of the contrail controversy.


CONTRAILS (Chemtrails) - A collection of documents and links regarding chemtrails.

CHEMTRAILSTRAKINGUSA - A Yahoo Club - Place to report and describe chem trail activity.