LIBRARY OF HALEXANDRIA - a Synthesis of new physics, sacred geometry, ancient and modern history, multiple universes & realities, consciousness, the Ha Qabala and ORME,extraterrestrials, and more....

ASTROBIOLOGY MAGAZINE - E-zine on life beyond Earth and origin of life. Includes news articles, reference material, and forums.

COSMOS OF THE ANCIENTS - The Greek Philosophers on Myth and Cosmology - part of a dissertation in progress on creation myths.

FOAMY CUSTARD - explore the areas where folklore, mytholology, cultural studies and related disciplines come together.

YOUR OWN WORLD-USA - Netizends for Spin-Free News - All the latest on crop circles, Planet-X and alot more.

COSMIC LIGHT - explores the depths of human knowledge and belief, both scientific and spiritual, modern and ancient.

GOSPEL OF THE NAZIRENES - Integrating Reincarnation and Christianity - an ancient scripture forgotten for centuries discovered in a Tibetan monastery.

EXOBIOLOGY - An introduction - Explores the field of exobiology from a lay perspective including a self-test.

GRAVITY WARP DRIVE - The purpose of this website is to provide the "Real Physics" involved with developing "Warp Drive".

TOM BEARDEN WEB SITE - All his work now in one place. A must visit web site.

TREE INCARNATION - a breakthrough on the origin of our universe and the eternal nature of humanity. A convincing body of evidence showing how the tree of life carries us as it's leaves.

STAR GATE FILES - "Where Only Angels Have Dared To Travel" - Imagination is the first step to knowing.

MOTIONLESS EM GENERATOR - The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, Extracting energy from a permanent magnet with energy-replenishing from the active vacuum.

PROJECT 1947 - a world-wide research project to document the origins of the modern UFO phenomenon, using historical records and documents obtained through the FOIA.

SYMPTOMS OF PATHOLOGICAL SKEPTICISM - Article by Bill Beaty - Ammunition for defeating the Skeptic.

CREATIVE SCIENCE RESEARCH - Fuelless engines and generators, Built and tested by Inventor Rick Harrison.

NOVEL NUCLEAR REACTOR - A completely novel and radically different type of nuclear fusion reactor.

ANOMALIES - is a database of paranormal (and allegedly paranormal) events, objects, and people, compiled from a variety of sources.

ALCHEMICAL MANUAL FOR THIS MILLENNIUM - This a FREE ebook on alterntive energy, basic mechanics, and how forces work in the Universe. "New to the modern world, and more ancient than recorded history".

EINSTEIN CONSPIRACY - Conspiracy to suppress history of alterantive physics that links the ideas of Einstein, Tesla and Newton.

MYSTICA - An on-line encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal and more...

MESOWEB - An exploration of Mesoamerican culture - all in one place.

MIRROR MATTER THEORY - information on the mirror matter theory.

REGENERATING UNIVERSE - explanation for the accelerating universe, and how galaxies convert galactic masses into particle/wave energies.

MYSTERIOUS PEOPLE - Biographical articles about several well-known mysterious or unusual people.

INFINITE ENERGY MAGAZINE - Cold Fusion and New Energy Technology, including conventional and renewable.

THE WHY FILES - UFO, Area 51, Roswell, Rendlesham, Phoenix Lights, Majestic12, Abductions, Conspiracy, Nasa, Mutilations, Conspiracies, Etc...

VOLTAGE LABS - explore the exciting world of high voltage experimentation.

INSTITUTE FOR PLANETARY RENEWAL - Solutions To World Problems Through Knowledge and Design.

HERMETIC PHILOSOPHY - essays and exercises on Eastern and Western hermetic and mystical philosophies, based on personal experiences and research.

CIRCLE MAKERS - England's crop circle makers - Latest news.


GONZO SCIENCE - "Crosses the critical thinking of the skeptics with the fearlessness and progressive thinking of the iconoclast."

UFO WORLD - investigating UFOs, crop circles, and more - including the "Voyager Newsletter"

ECO ELECTRICS - Your way to a healthier and happier environment - Eco-Electrics provides FREE consulting on EMF problems.

THEMYSTIC.ORG - Here you can explore the mystical part of your life. Site is written by Graham V. Ledgerwood.

FREE eBOOKS - Books that could change your life. Some of the books are quite old and rare but the information contained within them is priceless. Read online or download.

ASTRAL PROJECTION - A treatise on the subject with description and techniques.

TELEKINESIS - definitions and theories about the mind over matter phenomenon as well as suggestions for how to utilize this ability.

EARTH FILES - Environmental anomalies. Updated reports about science, medicine, the environment and real X-Files.

THYMOS - Studies on Consciousness - Devoted to the study of consciousness, mind and cognition, with regular reviews and essays.

UNITYOFKNOWLEDGE.ORG - Archive of eight (8) articles on consciousness - all worth reading. My favorite is "What Are Thoughts Made Of?"

BIOMIND SUPERPOWERS - those indwelling faculties of our species which can transcend space and time. (Site by Ingo Swann)

MISSOURI MYSTERY MOUND - In search of an ancient Hall of Records - details the search for an ancient mound in the backwoods of Middle America.

GLOWING CROSS - The True Story of Lismore's Glowing Cross in Northern NSW, Australia.

PARANORMAL RESEARCH SOCIETY - Pennsylvania State University - One of the only university-backed paranormal research centers.

CONSCIOUSNESS AS AN ACTIVE FORCE - Amy Lansky, a researcher in artificial intelligence, argues against a purely neurophysiological explanation of consciousness.

THE MYSTERY SCHOOLS - Online book by Grace F. Knoche from the Theosophical University Press.

METEOR CRATER - Arizona's First Bonanza? - this article cites evidence from a major academic institution of human habitation in New Mexico 55,000 years BP. (See # 6. in Notes.)

FOURTH DIMENSION - TERASPACE - attempts to explain how the world would work if there was a fourth spatial dimension in addition to the three that we already have.

DISCOVER THE COSMOS - Astronomy picture of the day - Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

MYSTERIES UNSEALED - on the forefront of Satellite Imagery analyses for Archaeological Discoveries and cutting edge research and its companion site SATELLITE DISCOVERIES.

NABATAEA - Everything you ever wanted to know the about the Nabataean Empire, and more.

CONSCIOUSNESS CENTER - dedicated to the the understanding of consciousness, paranormal events and the things science ignores. Paul Hailey's web site.

PHENOMENOLOGY OF NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE (NDE) - shares a PhD thesis which philosophically examines the phenomenon of the NDE.

MYSTERY OF THE SILVER RINGS - "The young dolphin gives a quick flip of her head, and an undulating silver ring appears--as if by magic--in front of her."

SCIENCE FRONTIERS ONLINE - Over 120 volumes, and 2000 reports, providing a
summary of scientific anomalies from 1977 to the present day.

PSI APPLICATIONS - "Exploring the unknown in a universe of endless possibilities."

BRIAN JOSEPHSON - director of the Mind-Matter Unification Project of the Theory of Condensed Matter Group at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge.

AETHEROMETRY - the science of the metrics of the Aether. The experimental and theoretical foundations of the new science of Aetherometry.

MOON LANDING HOAX - NASA's answer to the claims that the moon landing was fake.

FREEDOM OF INFO ORG. - "To Achieve Scientific, Media, and Congressional Credibility Concerning The UFO Phenomenon".

DREAMSCAPES - "Biggest Mysteries Megasite On Planet Earth"....

ESOTERIC/OCCULT TEXTS - a smorgasbord of texts relating to esoteric and occult beliefs.

STEPHAN SCHWARTZ - his life has been spent exploring extraordinary human functioning, and how individuals and small groups can, and have, effected social change.

DOES GOD EXIST? - a question that is asked by everyone at some point in their lives. Most of us have asked it numerous times - this site provides 45 links to sites that may help you in your quest.

LAND OF NO HORIZON - Explores the idea that there is a link between our evolution, the appearance of UFOs, and the interior of the Earth.

ANCIENT AMERICA - "Archaeology of the Americas Before Columbus"-Articles, Photos and Back Issues.

A WOMAN'S JOURNEY - "a guide to the best free sources for spiritual growth and enlightenment on the Internet."

THE SECRET DOCTRINE - By H. P. Blavatsky - masterwork on theosophy, covering cosmic, planetary, and human evolution, as well as science, religion, and mythology.

OUT OF BODY.ORG - "Your one-stop web resource on out-of-body experiences and related
phenomena." New site, it has only been up for a couple of weeks.