DISNEY ONLINE-the latest and greatest from the most wonderful place on earth.

MUPPETS HOME PAGE-This is an unofficial collection of information about Jim Henson's Muppets.

PAULY'S PLAYHOUSE - features online interactive games and activities for children 3 and up.

KIDS DID THIS HOTLIST-science, art, writing, and other projects that have been created by kids for kids.

MIDLINK MAGAZINE-the electronic magazine for kids in the middle grades. See what other kids are doing with their computers to write school reports.

KIDS SAFETY SITE-nice site, the webmaster is a Lieutenant with the
Center Police Department in Center, Texas.

KIDS TOUR OF THE WHITE HOUSE-the title says it all. A very well developed site with neat graphics.

BUGS BUNNY AND FRIENDS-games, animations and a bunch
of fun stuff from Warner Bros.

FAIRY AND FOLK TALES-over 50 online tales from around the world.

GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES-A gopher site with over 80 tales to read or download and read later.

KIDSWORLD-"If you can dream it, you can do it!" This entire site has been put together completely through the volunteer efforts of children and adults worldwide.


KID CITY-virtual village for kids. Post office, kids mailbox, computer lab, science museum, city hall, cartoon cave, shopping mall, game castle and more!

SQUIGLY'S PLAYHOUSE-a fun and safe place for kids to play and learn.

IRONKIDS BREAD-is fun for kids. Sports, games, exercise, essay contest, triathlon. You can get soccer tips from Mia Hamm or build your own sandwich.

AMERICAN GIRL-a magazine and club, "celebrating girls, yesterday and today." American Girl is an excellent stop on the Web for girls of all ages.

CLUB Z-is the home of Club Z magazine, an interactive magazine for today's kids.

THE USS JAUGAR awaits! Go where no kid has gone before on a special space ship made just for you, so join the crew and explore!

NICK.COM-new web site for kids - jam-packed with entertainment, games, sound effects and animation.

REACT-The WebZine where teens make news. News, factoids, polls, games music, sports, jokes, advice and discussions.

ALL 4 KIDS GREETING CARDS- make your own greting cards and send them to a friend.

GLOBAL SHOW-N-TELL-like at school, but here instead of telling your classmates you tell the whole world.