GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA -one stop source of data on this marvel of the ages.

THE PYRAMIDS-Have you ever dreamed of exploring the pyramids of Egypt? If so, enter here.

EGYPT AND THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST-Web Resources for Young People and Teachers.

THE GREAT SPHINX - The Sphinx of Egypt- Excellent research information.

MYTHOLOGY HELP - offers nearly 200 pages to help you with your mythology projects,
including 700 pictures.

EXPLORING LEONARDO-learn about this fascinating scientist, inventor, and artist.


EMPIRES BEYOND THE GREAT WALL-The Heritage of Genghis Khan

SEVEN WONDERS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD - Can you name them? - Few people can.

THE MIDDLE AGES - What was it really like to live in the Middle Ages?

THE MIDDLE AGES - covers feudal life, religion, arts, entertainment, and more.

MEDIEVAL SOURCEBOOK-Huge collection of medieval documents from Fordham University. Set up mainly as a teaching resource.

KING ARTHUR-explore the historical evidence for his existence.

NAPOLEON BONAPARTE -a site dedicated to the study of Napoleon, the Napoleonic Era and the Frech Revolution.

ANCIENT ROMAN HISTORY- 30 links to everything Roman.

BEN FRANKLIN-a scientist, an inventor, a statesman, a printer, a philosopher, a musician, and an economist.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN-America has never forgotten Benjamin Franklin Great site-lodaded with information.

SPY LETTERS of The American Revolution - Contains images, maps, transcriptions, stories, biographies, and a timeline.

HISTORY OF ROBERT THE BRUCE-the definitive history and story about the greatest Scottish hero.

A MORE PREFECT UNION- tells the story of the birth of this nation. Excellent resource.

DO HISTORY-an examination of how history is created through fragmentary source materials.

GREAT DATA BASE-one of the largest great works data bases on the net. Covers 912 great names in history.

THE CIVIL WAR HOMEPAGE- excellent resource on this subject.

CIVIL WAR TIMELINE - includes information on Fort Sumter, Bull Run, Shiloh, Gettysburg and more.

US - MEXICAN WAR 1846-1848- information on all aspects of the war along with maps, images, statistics and documents.

SPANISH AMERICAN WAR 1898 - site presents an overview with hyperlinks in the text for more information. To view a Chronology, Click Here.

WORLD WAR I-"The Great War"-a co-production of KCET/Los Angeles and the BBC in association with the Imperial War Museum of London.

ACES AND AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR I - Learn about the aces and aircraft of World War I.

PEARL HARBOR - through the eyes of a seventeen year old American girl, living at Hickam Field, Hawaii, at the time of the Japanese Bombing.


WORLD WAR II ANALYZED-Information on battles, raids, Generals, Units, and much more.

THE U-BOAT WAR 1939-1945-the complete profile of all 1154 U-boats, with over 1400 pages online. Great addition to the history of WWII.

THE BERLIN WALL-Its Rise and Fall. This monstrous barrier has become nothing but a sad memory.

ALTERNATIVE HISTORY DIRECTORY-Over 200 links to some of the best sites on the web dealing with little known history.

U.S. PRESIDENTS-The most comprehensive site on the Internet for presidential resources.

US PRESIDENTS - background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest on each of the presidents.

IMPEACHMENT OF ANDREW JOHNSON - Harper's Weekly coverage of the historic 1868 Johnson Impeachment — with over 200 excerpts from 1865-1869.

BEN'S GUIDE TO US GOVERNMENT- excellent resource- contents by Grade Level.

AMELIA EARHART - the offical web site- biography, photo gallery, quotes and more.

EVOLUTION OF FLIGHT-1903-2003- excellent site from the American Institute Of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

HISTORY GUIDE - contains more than seventy lectures in European history from ancient Sumer to the fall of Soviet-style communism in 1989.

HISTORY WORLD - history resource helping to "Make History Make Sense", over 400 articles are searchable by period and theme.

WORLD HISTORY - An Artist's view of World History- "it is impossible to properly study History without examining the creative products of the times."

HISTORY WIRED - the National Museum of American History - from their "stash" of rarely seen objects comes a virtual scavenger hunt where surprises pop up around every corner.



INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION - presents an overview of the causes and origins.

IRISH POTATO FAMINE-Excellent summary. MORE POTATO FAMINE list of 18 links to explore.AND MORE ON THE FAMINE-Includes Irish, English,and American perspectives.

BIOGRAPHY.COM-puts 15,000 of the greatest names, past and present, at your fingertips.

OREGON TRAIL - the award-winning story of the great western journey.

THE AMERICAN WEST-the History and Development of the American West, from the Frontier and Pioneer days, to today's Modern West.

LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION - excellent resource from PBS.

AMERICA'S STORY-from the Library Of Congress-American heroes and heroines. Makes history homework entertaining.

CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH-"the greatest adventure the world has ever seen". From PBS.

THE HISTORY PLACE- from the American Revolution to the Present- excellent site- includes tips on how to write a better history paper.

BLACK HISTORY-A large collection of documents and articles on topics ranging from slavery to the Million Man March.

MARTIN LUTHER KING-Few have had as much impact upon the American consciousness as this man.

NOTABLE WOMEN ANCESTORS - Title says it. Bio's - Large data base.

CONSTITUTION FINDER- Constitutions from around the world. Nations are listed alphabetically.

HISTORY OF MEDICINE-From Homer to Vesalius-site traces the history of modern medicine.

RUSSIA- How has change affected the former USSR? - the history of Russia, and an examination of it today.

HISTORICAL TEXT ARCHIVE - Articles, Books, Documents, and Photographs

NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY - annotated directory which covers general, tribal, and regional histories, with an emphasis on the Pacific Northwest.

NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES - provides a current list of tribal resources of interest to students of Native American History.

NATIVE NATIONS of the US and Canada - are recognized as indigenous nations with a measure of sovereignty - this is an educational "megasite".

LORDS OF THE EARTH - Maya/Aztec/Inca - a Web site, which deals with the Archeology and Anthropology of the Americas.

WORLD FACT BOOK 2001 - information on the world, compiled by the CIA, country by country, including maps, flags, geography, natural resources, etc.

HISTORICAL MAPS OF THE US-huge collection of historical maps. However most maps are very large graphic files and take awhile to download.

WORLD HISTORY COMPASS - provides links to history sites anywhere in the world. Excellent Resource.

HISTORY INDEX - over 200 links to "hard to find" sites dealing with many different historical topics.

AMERICAN FOLKLORE - site contains retellings of American folktales, Native American myths and legends and ghost stories from each of the 50 states.

BEST OF HISTORY WEB SITES - 700-plus sites carefully reviewed in this portal for students, teachers, and history buffs of all ages.