ROGET'S THESAURUS ONLINE-a great aid in writing term papers and reports.

GUIDE TO GRAMMAR AND WRITING-the guide is organized into topics at the Sentence Level, Paragraph Level and Essay Level.

SPANISH FOR BEGINNERS- Lots of free tutorials and on-line lessons.

BASIC GERMAN FOR BEGINNERS- title says it all.

TRANSPARENT LANGUAGE- here you can sign up for a free dual-language newsletter--in the language of your choice, plus a complete parallel translation in English.

LINGUISTICS FOR BEGINNERS - a multimedia, interactive introduction to the subject. You will find all major topics of current linguistic studies examined here.

ETYMOLOGIC - "The toughest word game on the web" - In this game you'll be presented with 10 randomly selected word origin or word definition
puzzles to solve.

HOW TO WRITE A BOOK REVIEW - simple four-step guide on how to write a book review.

COMMON ERRORS IN ENGLISH - site dedicated to errors in usage, aimed at the most common errors of native speakers.

BARTLETT'S FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS - search for a word in a quote or choose an author to see listing of quotes.

WORD SPY - an archive of new and interesting words, most of which you won't find in any dictionary.

IDIOM SITE - Find out why you say wat you say!

ALTA VISTA FREE TRANSLATION SERVICE-English, Portuguese, German, Italian,and Spanish (Or use this page to translate into more than one language at once).

CITING INTERNET ADDRESSES -A how-to guide for referencing online sources in student bibliographies. Tells you how to describe where you got the information that you put in your report.

ONLINE DICTIONARIES-not only English, but 280 other languages. This is an absolutely amazing site.

DR. GRAMMAR - a free service provided by the University of Northern Iowa - for anyone who has questions about grammar and usage, punctuation, spelling or general language concerns.

WRITING DEN - Let WritingDEN's Tips-O-Matic help you write better documents.

GRAMMAR HELP - Selected Handouts from The Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE HISTORY - The Origin and History of the English Language.

COMMON ERRORS IN ENGLISH - Catalogue of writing or speaking mistakes and easily confusible words, with corrections.

WORD ORIGINS - large list of some curious word origins.

COMMON TYPES OF PAPERS - help with research papers, argumentative & persuasive essays, narratives, and more.

BIOGRAPHY MAKER - designed to help you convert facts into insights, dull and boring information into fascination and magic. It will help you do a good job.

CRITIQUES - How to write them. This site gives you three easy to understand steps.

ABSTRACTS - How to write them - easy to understand steps.

ESSAYS - These online essays will give you better ideas how to write your own essay.

A TASTE OF RHETORIC - the art and science of rhetoric, theories influencing public communication and helpful speaking tips.

BOOKWOLF - Free booknotes, essays, homework help and study forums.

CHILDREN'S STORIES - over 75 stories are online at this site. Most of your favorites are here.

VOCABULARY PUZZLES-Learning vocabulary can be fun for everyone! Compete for prizes in monthly word puzzle contests. Enjoy grade specific puzzles.

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