The Complete Works of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE- The title says it all. And they are all online.

SHAKESPEARE CLASSROOM-designed for high school and college students, this site contains study questions for Shakespeare's plays.

SHAKESPEARE ILLUSTRATED-explores nineteenth-century paintings, criticism and productions of Shakespeare's plays and their influences on one another.

STORY TELLING HANDBOOK-offers hints to anyone who is interested in telling stories.

STORY TELLING ESSAYS - Old and new essays written for classes, workshops and magazines.


THEATRE LINK.COM-Your complete guide to all aspects of theatre on the net!

ROMEO & JULIET- A study guide.

DRAMA SOURCE-list of theatre and theatre related links.

THEATRE DESIGN ARCHIVE - Scene Designs, Costume Designs, Lighting Designs and more.

THEATREPEDIA - From East Los Angeles College Theatre Arts, this site provides definitions and information about many topics in theatre.

MEDIEVAL DRAMA LINKS - excellent resource site - the author of this site has done a great job locating informative links.

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