Computer Homework Help

KIDS 'N BITS-offers a variety of services which focus on educating kids using computers to enhance their learning. From toddlers just learning their ABC's to teenagers preparing for their SAT's.

SOFTWARE HISTORY - There were hundreds of successful software companies prior to Microsoft. They created the foundation that Microsoft and later software companies built on. Their role in history deserves recognition.

INTERNET HISTORY - all about the history of the Internet.

ATLAS OF CYBERSPACE - maps and graphic representations of the geographies of the new electronic territories of the Internet and the World-Wide Web.

PROGRAMMING TUTORIALS - over 150 tutorials on many programming languages.

FREE CODE - get Internet-related source code, free programs are available in the following
languages: C/C++, Java, Perl, and Visual Basic

DIGITAL CAMERAS - a resource with tips on what to look for, how to use digital cameras, and buying tips.

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Ti92 - Complete tutorial online at this site.

BUILD YOUR OWN COMPUTER - A site designed to help you assemble your own Computer quickly and easily.

BUILD A SUPER PC - with affordable, high-quality, and eye-popping performance.


KIDS AND COMPUTERS-learn how to program and other interesting projects are available throught this site.


COMPUTING DICTIONARY ONLINE - will define all those tricky terms.

COMPUTER HISTORY CENTER - focuses exclusively on the history of computing.

PIONEERS OF COMPUTING - provides links to "home" pages or other resources on people, both alive and dead, who have made a significant impact on computing.

WINZIP TUTORIAL - will enable you to download and open zip files that your instructors may offer during classes.

NETSCAPE TUTORIAL - from how to manage bookmarks to how to set up your email account. Also a tutorial on how to use Composer to edit a webpage or create one of your own.

LISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL - colorful and fun approach to learning HTML especially for kids (and the young at heart)

COMPUTING WITH MOLECULES - article from Scientific American - a look at recent advances in molecular-scale electronics.


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