CHEMISTRY FOR KIDS-chemistry website designed solely for children. One of the best.

HYPER CHEMISTRY ON THE WEB-among other things it contains a great glossary of chemical terms

THE CATALYST-Chemistry Resources For Both Students and Teachers. Huge site.

UNITS, MEASURES, & DIMENSIONS - title says it all - excellent resource.

METRIC PREFIXES - explains mega, giga, tera, deci, centi, etc., etc.

UNIT CONVERSION CALCULATOR - online calculator for converting units for one system to another.

EMPERICAL GAS LAWS - Online Quiz for applying empirical gas laws.

ACIDS & BASES - online tutorial for the Grade 11-12 level.

MOLECULES AND COMPOUNDS - online turorial explains concepts.

MOLECULAR WEIGHT CALCULATOR - You type in the chemical formula and it gives you the molecular weight.

ANTOINE LAURENT LAVOISIER - Father of Modern Chemistry - extensive biography, works,
quotations, career milestones, and chronology.

OSMOSIS - a simplified discussion with diagrams.

MOLE CONCEPT - online tutorial explaining the mole concept and its uses.


THE PERIODIC TABLE-interactive listing of the elements in the Periodic Table.

ANOTHER PERODIC TABLE-with very detailed descriptions of each element.

PERIODIC TABLE - It differs from other periodic table sites in that it carries health and environmental effects for the most important elements.

THE CHEMISTRY PAGE-mostly full-text information in chemistry, from online textbooks to periodical tables

CHEMTEAM- an online tutorial for High School Chemistry.

CHEM TUTOR - first course and tutorial in chemistry designed to work with any high school or college basic chemistry course.

GENERAL CHEMISTRY- another complete course is available online.

THE ELEMENTS - a list of all the elements with atomic number, mass, density, melting point and boiling point.

PROPERTIES OF WATER - Title says it all.

PHYSICAL CONSTANTS - complete list online here.

CHEMICAL WARFARE AGENTS - An overview of chemicals defined as chemical weapons.

CHEMICAL WEAPONS - a discussion of Nerve Agents from Neuroscience For Kids.

BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS- for the lay person - everything you might want to know - from the "Microbiology 101 Internet Text" at WSU.

BIOLOGICAL WARFARE AGENTS - offers information on history, dessemination, bacterial and viral agents, and biological toxins.

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