KID CHEF - Culinary education for young people - cooking basics, cooking terms dictionary, recipes, polls, and quizes.

KID'S COOKING CLUB-Fun Recipes for Children.

SCHOOL TIME DIRECTORY -Loads of links of intrest to kids and teens, includes a Homework Help section.

STATES AND CAPITOLS- site has maps and information on a state by state basis. Also has a map of the US with all capitols shown.

WHAT IS THE CAPITAL? - lists capital cities for all countries in the world and the 50 U.S. states.

CITING INTERNET ADDRESSES -A how-to guide for referencing online sources in student bibliographies. Tells you how to describe where you got the information that you put in your report.

ROLLER COASTERS - the complete history is online at this site from Britannica.com.

CROSSWORD PUZZLE TO WORK-online puzzle you can solve.

FLAGS- Flags of All Countries over 200 nations are archived here.

NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS-names and a brief description.

THE FORENSICS SITE - All the forensics information you will ever need.

FLATLAND - has been discovered with delight by each generation since it was issued- complete book online here.

DEEP FLIGHT - Is it a submarine or is it an underwater airplane?

BOOMERRANGS - How they work, plus their history.

BASEBALL - The science and physics behind this sport.

100 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ABOUT ARAB AMERICANS - Balanced questions and answers provide basic information about the diverse Arab-American community in the United States.

GOBAL TERRORISM - Background information on terrorist groups throughout the world from the the US State Department.

TERRORISM - very detailed resource from the Federation of American Scientists Intelligence Resource Program.

RE: RECONSTRUCTIONS - from MIT, "designed to spark discussions and reflections about the media's role in covering the events of 11 September 2001 and their aftermath."

FLAG ETIQUETTE - how to display and treat the flag of the United States of America. MORE FLAG ETIQUETTE - the entire United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10 is online at this site.

US FLAG HISTORY - Title says it- also includes printable flag images.

THE PUZZLE DEPOT-This site is devoted to puzzles, board games, trivia, related books and software. You will find crosswords, riddles and word puzzles, logic and strategy software/board games, and a large selection of shareware.

CHEMICAL WARFARE AGENTS - An overview of chemicals defined as chemical weapons.

CHEMICAL WEAPONS - a discussion of Nerve Agents from Neuroscience For Kids.

BIOLOGICAL WARFARE AGENTS - offers information on history, dessemination, bacterial and viral agents, and biological toxins.

ATLANTIS QUEST - "A no-nonsense down to earth approach to the problem of the existence of the land of Atlantis".

MCSHANE'S PLANES-plans for six airplanes are online.

PAPER AIRPLANE RESOURCES-20 links to info on making paper airplanes.

PAPER PLATE PROJECTS - collection of hands-on activities that use common paper plates for
supporting lessons in science, math, etc.

US CENSUS BUREAU DATA- census information in an alphabetical list of topics. The info is extensive.

WHY GASOLINE PRICES VARY - A Primer on Gasoline Prices.

EDITORIALS-access to the most current editorials, opinions, commentaries and columnists from English newspapers and magazines around the world.
DRUG FACTS- detailed information on a variety of substances, including their short-and long-term effects, withdrawal symptoms, and potential for abuse. EATING DISORDERS-Facts about eating disorders and their prevention from a national non-profit organization.

THE MINT - Provides basic information for teenagers about starting a business, earning money, spending it wisely, and saving and investing.

PRACTICAL MONEY SKILLS - for students grades 2 through college. Site info is divided by grade level.

MAKING CHANGE- An educational game where the player must calculate the change given for a money purchase. Currencies from the United States, Canada, Austraulia, United Kingdom, and Mexico are available.

THE TEENAGE BRAIN - The teenage brain is a work in progress - How science may help to explain the mysteries of the teen years.

PREPARING FOR COLLEGE? If so, this site has all the practical information you need to get started.

GUIDE TO COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES-from Petersons.com- "The Education Supersite"

UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE RANKINGS-Rankings of colleges and universities from lots of sources.

GUIDE TO FINANCIAL AID-a large amount of information for both students and parents.

FINANCIAL AID CALCULATORS-custom calculators that help you figure out how much school will cost, how much you need to save, and how much aid you'll need.

FEDERAL STUDENT AID - from US Department of Education - complete your free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online.

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