THE LOUVRE ON THE WEB-The single largest collection of works of art that exisits on the Web. Fantastic site. MUSEUMS OF PARIS-a guide in both English and French.

ANCIENT ART- site has 100's of links. If it is ancient art, you will find it here.

TIMELINES OF ART HISTORY-selected resources on the art history of ancient and non-Western civilizations.

SCIENCE IN ANCIENT ART-site focuses on scientific and mathematic detail and meaning in ancient art.

DRAWINGS OF LEONARDO da VINCI-here you can view 39 of his famous drawings.

ARTCYCLOPEDIA - its database contains information on over 7500 artists.

EARLY AMERICAN PAINTERS-online exhibit of early American painters and their works by timeline, artist, genre, or place of origin.

WORLD ART TREASURES-to promulgate the discovery and love of art. 100,000 slides online.

GREEK SCULPTURE- an introduction-divided into periods from prehistory to the Hellenistic age.

AMERICAN ART ARCHIVES-since the founding of America to the present day.

REMBRANDT- His Paintings - online archive.

VAN GOGH INFORMATION GALLERY-the most thorough and comprehensive Van Gogh resource on the internet.(more than 3,250 pages and 2,880 graphics.)

VAN GOGH MUSEUM-located on the Museumplein in Amsterdam.
MICHAEL C. CARLOS MUSEUM-its permanent collection of over 15,000 objects spans nearly 9,000 years from the prehistoric cultures of seventh millennium B.C. to the twentieth century.

CUSIMANO-introduction to surrealism through metaphysical surrealist artist Joseph Cusimano. Well worth a visit.

METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART-"The Met"- its name says it all.

LOOTING OF ART WORKS - The illicit traffic of cultural property throughout the world.

AMERICAN VISIONARY ART MUSEUM-America's folk art gallery.

SPORT ART MUSEUM-committed to the preservation of sport art, history and literature.

THE ART FILE - here you will find everything there is to know about art, from historical backgrounds and biographies to a complete overview of the artists work.

EYES ON ART - tutorials that teach students and adults to look at things from an artistic point of view.


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